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Whether it’s Cosmetics, Camouflage or Customized Tattoos, we have got you covered. 

Our Cosmetic Specialties

Creating a look you love that lasts and lets you feel like you woke up like that on the daily.

Our Camouflage Specialties

Using ink to cover and camouflage the areas you love less so you can love you more. 

About Us

Beautifully Designed INK is a beauty studio focusing on permanent cosmetics and paramedical camouflage procedures.
We have a passion for transforming people and helping them feel beautiful with the help of a little INK and a lot of artistry. Our cosmetic service list includes ALL things INK. Microblading, Microshading, Powder Brows, Combination Brows, Lipblushing, Eyeliner, Freckles, Beauty Marks, BBglow foundation, our trademarked specialty of ITTY BITTY INK™ fine line tattoos and mini tattoos under 3″. Our paramedical service list includes areola correction and restoration, self-harm scars and stretch mark camouflage, as well as unwanted mark camouflage.

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Our Clients Speak!

Take a look at what they have to say about the results that keep them coming back 

I don’t even look at my face in the mirror anymore. Not my whole face because my brows are the focus. They're so fabulous, I cant help but see them first and always.
Lindsey Gary 
They're like my brows but better. Alicia nailed it. I wanted something natural but that amplified what I already had. They're perfect. So much so, I now want to learn from her and take her courses
Literally life changing. I never had brows. I drew them on every day until age 60. I made the decision to get powder brows and I have never looked back. They save me so much time in the morning and I feel beautiful even after the pool. Brows that don’t wash off!

Frequently Asked Questions

Each person is different but the average answer we get from 0-10 after the procedure is 3. 

We utilize the very best numbing techniques and continually add more as needed throughout the appointment to ensure comfort. You will be more sensitive around your menstrual cycle, so I do suggest avoiding that time of month. 

It’s a collaborative effort. You have as much say as you want and I will add in my own personal and professional recommendations as they come up. Some suggestions we have for ensuring that you get what you want are to bring pictures of what you like, bring the tools you use to usually do your brows, or even come with them on and done so we can see what you like to do on the daily. As far as the color, your makeup choices help this as well but my expertise with pigments will also help to pick the color that best fits your skin tone. Each step of the way, you get to decide or let me decide!

Microblading is creating more “hairs” by scratching the skin and implanting pigment in those scratches. That is the top example. Microshading is using a machine and single needle to create a more powdered or drawn on/filled in look that you can wear daily. That is the second and third example. The last two are combinations of Microblading and Microshading.

Healing occurs at different rates for different people but we expect that it will take 7-14 days.
The first days after your procedure, the pigment will appear darker because of the way the skin heals.
Next, the pigment will start to scab or scale. They will be patchy as different portions release and others
are still healing. Toward the end of the healing process, the pigment will appear lighter as the new layers
of skin form over and become translucent. The final product will reappear and then a few weeks later
you will have a touch up to reestablish your pigment as you desire and to make any adjustments that are

Every PMU procedure is a two step process. Healing is very specific to each individual. That means that each person will retain different amounts of pigment and thus, some amount will need to be reestablished after the first appointment and during the second.

When you schedule your appointment, we will automatically time block the maximum amount
of time it will take. You can count on that amount of time or less.

All PMU after care regimens account for 14 days of healing time. There is no actual down time,
meaning you shouldn’t have to lose any time or miss any life events if you choose not to. Some may
decide to hunker down when the PMU is darker as a personal preference but overall, there is no
downtime and an average or 7-10 days of healing time for the final results to show.