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Connect with us virtually so that we can fully establish the look and shape of your current brows and adjust accordingly as needed. We love seeing your beautiful face and imagining what we are going to create.

Phone Call

If you’re feeling a little shy and would rather not show your face to us today, please know that we will do a portion of the consultation in person to ensure that we are on the same page with your service plan. However, we still love to connect with you, hear your voice and know what it is you’re looking for ahead of time, so this call is a great option to create a starting visual.

Cosmetic INK

*Please note that all pricing reflects both the initial appointment and the 4-12 week perfecting session known as the touch up, unless otherwise stated, both appointments are included. 

Microbladed Brows

Hairstrokes that look like real hairs created with a small blade that implants pigment into the skin. We can create everything from natural brows to denser tails to the fluffy laminated look that you love with the simple stroke of a pen.


Powder Brows

A powdery makeup like finish with a gradient towards the top of the brow. This method is performed with a tattoo machine and is compatible with all skin types. For those who desire a natural but filled in look. 


Ombre Brows

A deep pigmented brow comparable to a henna or tinted brow when first done, we can create and layer as much pigment as you desire from natural coverage to bold and filled in. These brows have a gradient toward the front for an open and natural look that is also a bit more bold for those who want to have that made up look that lasts. 


Combination Brows

 Natural Hairstrokes and a Powdery finish for the win. Add both services together for a natural look that is more filled in than just microblading. For those who have some hair, need more in the front, want a more defined tail or who 


Bespoke Brows

Unsure which option above makes the most sense for you? Then a consultation OR this selection will make perfect sense to us. This indicates that you would like some assistance in your choice or that you would like us to utilize our expertise to decide for you. 


Lashline Enhancement

A soft and natural eyeliner that brushes against the top of the lashline and creates a wet line or a darkened lash line to enhance the natural eye.  


Winged Eyeliner

An eyeliner procedure that mimics the winged liquid liner to create a more made up look that you will love every day without having to draw it on. 


Dusted Liner

A liner that mimics shadow and liner to create a dusting across the upper lid of color. For those who like a fully made up look for the upper eye, this is the service you will love. 


Top and Bottom Liner

For those whose have been drawing their liner on everyday, this is a great option to not have to do this anymore. Creating a wet liner across both the top and the bottom to open the eye and make it more prominent while saving you time each day. 



Imagine lip stain that lasts. With the magic of lipblushing, we can take your lifeless lips to blushed and vibrant. With limitless color options, you can choose the one you love best and we can create your own unique formula of color that doesn’t kiss off.


Beauty Marks

Love your mole or mark and want to make it darker? We can do that. Desire a beauty mark that doesn’t yet exist? We can create that. Let us help design and position the mark that works best for you.  



 Sunkissed and freckled. I know you love them when they appear in the summer but what if you could keep them all year long? That’s what we are able to create for you. Year-round freckles that last and look natural.  


All Over Glow

 BB Glow, or All Over Glow as we call it, it is a minimally invasive microneedling treatment that not only helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles but it also helps to create foundation-like coverage to even the skin tone as well.

$250 per session

$600 for three sessions

Camouflage INK

*Please note that all pricing reflects both the initial appointment and the 4-12 week perfecting session known as the touch up, unless otherwise stated, both appointments are included. 

Stretch Mark Camouflage

 Whether it was growth in childhood, a weight gain or loss, or the birth of your child, stretch marks happen. For some, these marks are bothersome or create a lack of confidence. That is where we come in. We can help camouflage these areas and create a more even look, like they were never there to begin with. Life doesn’t have to leave lasting marks, let us help. 

$300+ Consultation Required

Scar Camouflage

Many things happen to create scars that we wish were not there or that become a source of insecurity. With the beauty of INK, we can help to erase or camouflage scars so that they look more like the skin they’re in. Let us help you diminish the look of your scars and get you back out into the world with more confidence. 

$300+ Consultation Required

Scalp Micropigmentation

Whether you’re missing a full head of hair, finding some open spots where you wish you had more or just wish to adjust the look of your hairline, scalp micropigmentation is the solution. With the use of a machine and a fine needle, we can re-create the look of hair with INK. Book your consultation and lets start creating.

$800+ Consultation Required.

Customized INK

Itty Bitty INK™

 Fine line tattoos like you’ve never seen. 0-3″ tattoos done with a single fine needle to create dainty and customized ink you will adore and cherish.  

$60-$200 Consultation Required.

INK Update

Touch Up

*If you prefer, book a consultation to determine how much work needs to be done over the ink  you have left and we will refer you to the appropriate touch up. 


Whether youre wanting to re-work the shape created by someone else, or a color you havent loved, this procedure takes a special eye and an advanced level of understanding of permanent makeup procedures. We are here to provide this level of understanding and service to create a new look you WILL love. 



Got ink that doesn’t look the way you wanted it to? Need an emergency removal or a need to lighten the ink you got long ago so you can start over with a clean slate? This is the service for that. Let us help lighten your existing ink with the power of Saline Lightening. 

$150 per session

Frequently Asked Questions

Each person is different but the average answer we get from 0-10 after the procedure is 3. 

We utilize the very best numbing techniques and continually add more as needed throughout the appointment to ensure comfort. You will be more sensitive around your menstrual cycle, so I do suggest avoiding that time of month. 

It’s a collaborative effort. You have as much say as you want and I will add in my own personal and professional recommendations as they come up. Some suggestions we have for ensuring that you get what you want are to bring pictures of what you like, bring the tools you use to usually do your brows, or even come with them on and done so we can see what you like to do on the daily. As far as the color, your makeup choices help this as well but my expertise with pigments will also help to pick the color that best fits your skin tone. Each step of the way, you get to decide or let me decide!

Microblading is creating more “hairs” by scratching the skin and implanting pigment in those scratches. That is the top example. Microshading is using a machine and single needle to create a more powdered or drawn on/filled in look that you can wear daily. That is the second and third example. The last two are combinations of Microblading and Microshading.

Healing occurs at different rates for different people but we expect that it will take 7-14 days.
The first days after your procedure, the pigment will appear darker because of the way the skin heals.
Next, the pigment will start to scab or scale. They will be patchy as different portions release and others
are still healing. Toward the end of the healing process, the pigment will appear lighter as the new layers
of skin form over and become translucent. The final product will reappear and then a few weeks later
you will have a touch up to reestablish your pigment as you desire and to make any adjustments that are

Every PMU procedure is a two step process. Healing is very specific to each individual. That means that each person will retain different amounts of pigment and thus, some amount will need to be reestablished after the first appointment and during the second.

When you schedule your appointment, we will automatically time block the maximum amount
of time it will take. You can count on that amount of time or less.

All PMU after care regimens account for 14 days of healing time. There is no actual down time,
meaning you shouldn’t have to lose any time or miss any life events if you choose not to. Some may
decide to hunker down when the PMU is darker as a personal preference but overall, there is no
downtime and an average or 7-10 days of healing time for the final results to show.

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Questions or Inquiries Call or Text: 606-782-4751

Questions or Inquiries
Call or Text: 606-782-4751